Béton Ciré Pro

Béton Ciré (translates as wax-coated cement) is a French product that was developed about 15 years ago. It comes in more than 50 different colours that one can apply with different finishing techniques to obtain either rustic or more modern styles.

Béton ciré is a strong, waterproof stucco surface that can be applied to bathroom surfaces, floors and walls as well as to furniture and other objects.

We've been working with Béton Ciré for 14 years and created countless bathrooms, kitchens and furniture.


  • Interior and exterior floors, walls and objects

  • Manually smoothed to give the material various aspects

  • 50+ colours

  • For all sound and rigid surfaces: tiles, cellular concrete, chipboard, plasterboard, concrete, etc.

  • 2 mm thick

  • No specific expansion joint

  • Finishing treatments make maintenance easier and increase strength



the composition and formulation of béton ciré  have been developed to produce a coating that combines robustness with aesthetic qualities. With 2 mm thick, it can easily be used to cover a wide range of both new and renovated surfaces: floors, walls, work surfaces, walk-in showers, terasses and furnitures.

0012_Photo 4-6.jpeg


bathroom furniture with custom build-in sinks. limitless options, open spaces or wooden drawers.

beton cire floor in color 'snow'

beton cire floor in color 'snow'